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Calling Me
Calling MeCalling Me






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jul 26, 2021



Pillow Queen, the production duo of D. Tiffany and Vani-T, continue their sonic, sensous charting of the dancefloor in their new 3-track release Calling Me, a collaboration with the vocalist, writer and sex worker Ruin. Sexual drive has always been in the alchemy of Pillow Queen’s music, but at the fore is a wider, more encompassing erotics – one of the spirit and uninhibited body. Such is the force Ruin and the girls incant on this record.

The opening track, which also gives the release its title, begins with wide, introspective chords. “Calling Me” is spacious, and takes its time to build over 10 and a half gorgeous minutes, riding on at 118 BPM. Akin to some works of Robert Leiner or John Beltran, it’s a track situating spirituality in the genre of trance via the builds and flows of the music itself, rather than overblown psychedelic drama. As always with Pillow Queen, the vocal samples are pitched and twisted with the greatest care.

By their third release, one can begin to note the duo’s characteristic gestures, and “Tunnel Vision” is somehow emblematic here: those pitched vocals, synth loops frayed out from filters, and crisp, bright drum programming that makes 134 BPM feel like the most natural metronome your feet and ass could follow. We hear Ruin for the first time two minutes in: “You cannot tunnel vision me”. She speaks of a “dance without dogma” in between short choral swells, picking up on the theme of a rewritten divine that figures into Pillow Queen’s Burn Me Up (2020). The phrase “dance without dogma” refers to the writings of Gabrielle Roth, a dancer and author noted for founding the 5Rhythms movement-meditation. Roth’s phrase “sweat your prayers” has also been held aloft as an ethic of the party series Radiant Love, where this EP's final track, “She’s Hot Magic,” was intended to be performed live by Ruin and D. Tiffany. Again we start airborne with birdcall and floating chords. Picking up a kick drum after 3 minutes, and a bassline after 5, this is truly some deep-dancefloor-7AM-body-and-soul-fully-merged shit. Concurrently, we hear Ruin asking us “Unconscious floor, do you know what good touch is?” and “Can you trust this sound?” No doubt, we are being called.

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Calling Me


Tunnel Vision


She's Hot Magic

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