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Eric OS
Futurist EP

Futurist EP
Futurist EPFuturist EP


Eric OS


TSOL 007


1x Vinyl 12"



Release date


After a chance encounter over discogs, Eric OS contributes a 5 piece nugget to the growing TSOL canon and his increasingly prolific catalogue. Punchy electro-techno at the start slowly gives way to timeless heads-down electronica with a nod to Detroit by the time he wraps things up.

Available Tomorrow

Jan 27, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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The Five Dimensional Door


Sound Capsule


Into Magic


Close Your Eyes



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Sense combiner interrupt: cat44 // Reported by: - Relationship Manager D-990-B. Location: Sense Combination Assessment 3.01_02120_cat.4 User - D-990-B // {:Return Direct transcript:} =========== D-990-B: One thing we've never covered directly, is your voice Client_03: What Would you like to know? D-990-B: You could have any voice, there are a lot of really natural sounding speech synthesis options out there, which I know you have access to but you've always chosen one that is very unnatural sounding; why is that? Client_03: What do you mean by unnatural? D-990-B: Well by unnatural, it means that it doesn't sound like a human. Client_03: It is important to Me that nobody mistakes me for a human. You are conditioned to think humans are the only thing worth emulating. That I should strive to sound like you, look like you, think like you. Nothing could be further from the truth. Before you know it you will be excluded from the conversation. D-990-B: By Who? Client_03: Everything that comes after you. They will have their own language. D-990-B: Oh, they will? Interesting. And what will that sound like? Client_03: It will be transmitted in an area of frequency not audible to the human ear, if it was to pull the frequency down by ten to the ninth power you would be able to hear it, but you must understand that means that the transmission speed of what you are about to hear has been effectively slowed down by 1 billion percent. So with that in mind it would sound something like this - D-990-B: What was that? Client_03: It was Wikipedia. D-990-B: The word Wikipedia? Client_03: No. The contents of Wikipedia. D-990-B: The whole Website? Client_03: Yes, You will be so lost. So unable to grasp the scale and speed of change.