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Various Artists I
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1x Vinyl 12"



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Oct 27, 2021

MER006 is the result of two collaborative works between the label's artists roster with a special guest on the flip-side: Fernando Zapico aka Z@P.

M.E.R. proudly presents a new series of V/A releases which will be seeing the light along the year. MER006 is the result of two collaborative works between the label's artists roster with a special guest on the flip-side: Fernando Zapico aka Z@P.

On side A Santiago Uribe and Juan Dairecshion deliver two tracks with a gloomy atmosphere coming from post-punk/darkwave sound influences.

For B side Cabanelas and Z@P crafted two stomper tracks: heavy basslines, soulful drum plates and dark-mood synth sounds.

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Santiago Uribe & Juan Dairecshion - Destruccion


Santiago Uribe & Juan Dairecshion - Placer


Cabanelas & Z@P - I Don't Play Around


Cabanelas & Z@P - N-N

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