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74 Space Station EP (Incl. Cesare Muraca Remix)

74 Space Station EP (Incl. Cesare Muraca Remix)
74 Space Station EP (Incl. Cesare Muraca Remix)74 Space Station EP (Incl. Cesare Muraca Remix)






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Dec 1, 2021

SINM introduces their second release: 74 Space Station EP.

SINM introduces their second release: 74 Space Station EP. Starting out with "74 Space Station" the crew delivers an ambient influenced breakbeat with chopped vocals, voyage-like arpeggiators that take you back and fourth in a low-gravity state. Talented Cesare Muraca takes over a electro influenced remixed with a heavy baseline and layers of powerful synthesizers for a suprising twist on the original. Finally "Hello Callisto" rounds up the EP with a fast paced, train-like momentum with engaging baselines, galactic pads and garage influenced drums that will keep your journey going from start to finish.

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Sleeve: M


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74 Space Station


74 Space Station (Cesare Muraca Remix)


Hello Callisto

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