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DJ Pipe
The Night-Time Economy EP

The Night-Time Economy EP
The Night-Time Economy EPThe Night-Time Economy EP


DJ Pipe




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 8, 2022

Following the success of their “Deeply Floored” EP earlier this year, DJ Pipe and Global North are BACK to bring you “The Night-Time Economy” EP.

Following the success of their “Deeply Floored” EP earlier this year, DJ Pipe and Global North are BACK to bring you “The Night-Time Economy” EP.

The by-product of a spontaneous spaghetti-fuelled Tuesday evening up in the Sky Lounge, “Puttanesca” sees Pipe teaming up with old mates Hartman and Fonte for a swingin’ house romp guaranteed to set pulses racing [chilli emoji]. On the A2, “Mobile Craft” fastens uninhibited bass-pressure to nimble percussion and a litany of twisted vocal snippets - speeding across the surface of your eardrums at turbo-charged velocities.

Ushering us further into the Night-Time, B1 “Escuela De La Vida” is a seductive after-hours groover truly brought to life by the sultry vocal stylings of Barcelona’s finest, Andrea. The blissful “Horizon” closes things out - its buoyant bassline striding onwards against a backdrop of dubbed-out stabs, conjuring up hazy, half-remembered visions of Ibiza villa acid trips and eight-hour Hoppetosse closing sets.

Enjoy the beats and stay active… The Night-Time Economy needs YOU!

Available Tomorrow

Sep 8, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Puttanesca (ft. Hartman & Fonte)


Mobile Craft


Escuela De La Vida (ft. Andrea)



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