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The X Feels EP

The X Feels EP






1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Aug 31, 2022

ES-Q Brings us another 4 tracks of other worldly, synthed out, drum machine club cuts with his latest outing on his own label PARALLAX UNKNOWN.

ES-Q Brings us another 4 tracks of other worldly, synthed out, drum machine club cuts with his latest outing on his own label PARALLAX UNKNOWN. Giving us all the bleeps and weighty basslines we come to expect from the label, direct from its Sheffield roots. Fellow sheffield-er and Klasse records regular DJ STEVE is part of the crew with a stomping acid remix!

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Wake The Crew


Space Port Passion


Space Port Passion (DJ Steve Remix)


Pleasures of The Sexual Kind

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Enchanting, thrill-seeking desire. After three years, the second entry in the highly personal ZHR series has arrived. In Zohar's renewed modus operandi analog and digital techniques interact with dissected and transformed sound experiments -- an eclectic approach that honours the wide musical scope she is most interested in. Consciously withholding energy, these seven percussive and pulsating tracks seek a balance between a near teasing attitude, and total transgression. In the end, Zohar's volatile signature refuses to be contained.
Late Night Superglue present the third edition of their Biscuit series with a collection of hard-hitting, transcontinental jams from the minds of Buraye, Yard Customer, Tonnovelle, JJ Fortune and Louis Frederic.The EP brings together artists from across the globe - Colombia, Ireland, Tehran and London - connected by a taste for a particular haunting sound. A long time in the making, the label has been working to gather music from this group of artists for a number of years, a journey which for some included time on the front line together at dancefloors in Barcelona and London along the way.The A-side kicks off with Buraye’s ‘Wireless Dialogue’. A brooding piece of techno from Colombia, characterised by its punchy kicks, haunting synths and subtle acid twists, which perfectly set the tone for the rest of the EP. The A2, ‘Contraflow’, is brought to you by Yard Customer. Hip-hop samples and shuffling drums lead a track which has an overarching air of menace - big tip!Tonnovelle’s ‘Bliss’ opens the flip with a bang. A rip-roaring affair utilising vintage percussion juxtaposed with futuristic stabs to continue Biscuit Three’s muscular motif. ‘Fern’ by JJ Fortune & Louis Frederic wraps up the 4-tracker with more peak time spooky grooves...
We're stoked to present the new three-tracker from Højbjerg-resident One-Touch.
Undersound marks its 20th release with a collection of tracks from Scatterbaux. While the producer has a few sparse releases online, he displays considerable dexterity on these hardware jams.The A-side heavily features the classic 303 synth and opens with “Ghosts On The Wing”, where the artist is experimenting with an 8 bar acid pattern overlayed with dreamy leads and pads. This is followed by “Acid Squabble”, where two 303 lines bounce off each other exchanging their filter positions conveying a range of feelings and emotions.The B-side follows with “Chamber 27”, an electro jam with 808 drums and a driving 101 bassline. The EP closes with the fast paced “Womp Bucket”, with its evolving drum patterns and emotional overtones, completing a showcase of the producer’s signature acid tinged style.
SCRTC013 is coming !A super warm welcome to this French duo Yamen & EDA . These guys bring the Mac Stories album with a very deep and nice dance making this album a genuine Lp, you will be able to feel it from start to finish.Including a remix by Spanish artist Sergio Moreira, member of Slow Life. Enjoyable synths rhythms that will make you dance with a happy feeling.C.2 one of the most important guys in Deep House, a musical reference. Triple clap to Lawrence, what can we say about this hero… It’s a real honour to have him.D.1 Perlon’s genius, THE ONE, fresh, exponentially and euphoric ARK alleluyark double kick ur brain with his hypnotic remix.To conclude with D.2, the new Argentinean based in Santiago de Chile Delfina Franco. You can hear his music flowing and the soft harmonic details he can find in his version.For the artistic cover, a true Chilean legend, Carmen Piemonte, 91 years old, founder of the “Grupo del Rectangulo” with her partner Ramón Vergara, surprises us with this masterpiece that will inspire future generations, from here to the end of the world.Enjoy!