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Scattered Answers

Scattered Answers






1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Sep 9, 2022

S Born, Manchester-based Avernian inaugurates his newest club-night turned-label venture, with the help of Stenny (Ilian Tape), Tammo Hesselink (Delsin) and Jabes (Timedance).

The first four-track compilation comes to form with opening piece 'Kembow' by Ilian Tape mainstay, Stenny; a pacy bass-ridden roller, executed to devastating effect with razor-sharp synths that stab down into the midrange of the speakers like daggers, sitting atop dread-ridden sub frequencies.

Label-founder Avernian follows suit, already being widely recognised for rowdy releases on imprints such as More Time, Fever AM and Scuffed Recordings. 'Power Stance' continues the 12" with elephant trunk synthesis, and a galloping, low-mid frequency rumble that is second to none.

Jabes (Timedance/Klunk) delivers 'Rite'; a deeply tense excursion with harrowing sound-design and analogue delays that dance around a playful stereo field, mixed down to extreme, scientific hyper-precision.

Closing out the record is Tammo Hesselink (Delsin/Nous'klaer Audio) supplying 'Water Plus' with a neck-snapping groove of warm and distorted, polyrhythmic claps that have been self-recorded among a frenzy of foley lines that spiral into fun and friendly dancefloor adrenaline, bringing the compilation to a clean close and leaving the listener pining for the label's follow-up.

Available in 4 days

Sep 9, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Stenny - Kembow


Avernian - Power Stance


Jabes - Rite


Tammo Hesselink - Water Plus

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Wound Without A Tear is a compilation of “Australian” Ambient and Experimental Music; an area so often overlooked and misunderstood because it does not easily fall into historical context. However, the fifteen years (1993-2008) the collection cites–a period of early 90s post-rave ethereality defined by pleasure-centred spaces (chill-out rooms) and the personal computer’s emergence as a popular tool for file-sharing and secondary-living in the 00s–is befitting of closer examination.The recordings were sourced from artists, labels, corrupted disk drives, CD-Rs, the WWW and archives of Melbourne’s 3RRR community radio station.During the 1990s, as new technologies emerged and mass digital culture flourished, artists explored the emergent possibilities of the Internet with a utopian fervour, viewing the web and its plethora of images and information as a site of boundless potential. In the 2000s, file sharing connected people around the world directly to one another, and this incorporation of online experience into material objects, meant there was an increasingly porous border between the online and offline worlds–if there remained a border, at all.What is remarkable from this collection is that so many people, working (mostly) on their own came up with such remarkably similar ideas. In most cases these similarities can be related to the inherent qualities of the medium, though often any distinction is decidedly blurred at the edges.The compilation seeks to make the works of these various artists available as a means of “demystification”. No specific destination is intended upon. Perhaps by the time you have reached the end, you will have forgotten where you began.Endnotes:How do you pronounce the title? Wound /waʊnd/ Without /wɪðˈaʊt/A /eɪ/ Tear /teə(r)/1. Wound. Furl. Twist. Wrap. Surround. To Move Back orForwards to a Desired Point.2. Tear. Interruption. Disruption. Imperfection. Rupture.3. Two words evoke a chain of events.
An album evolving around disruptive and chaotic life events. A testament to putting the pieces back together through love and support from friends and loved ones.All tracks are built on two improvised live sessions recorded on a Roland Juno-60, Moog Sub 37, Roland XP 30 by Sofie Birch and Johan Carøe in Copenhagen in 2019.Edited and reworked to 11 tracks during residency at Andersabo in Sweden the summer of 2020 with new recordings of acoustic elements.

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