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The Brooke EP

The Brooke EP






1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Sep 5, 2022



After featuring on the Various Part 2 release in 2020, Keppel returns to Well Street this summer with a full EP of textural perfection.

Joining club-focused percussion, dubbed out landscapes and serious sub pressure. Limited pressing!

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Stanley Knife




Life Takes Risks



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The Return of 'The Nightstalker', a Childhood Intelligence endeavor written/produced by Dan Piu & Gary Rich (2022). The second album «Genetic Constitution» is the sequel of «The Tragedies Of A High-Tech World» (2020), in which the Nightstalker continues to manifest its mystic dystopian electronic prophecies. Full of haunted melodies, cinematic compositions and passages of hope and despair. «In a damned worlddystopian and madwe create our own soundof the positive apocalypsewith bizarre characters we feel connectedwith the outsiders,strangers and forgottenin the darkest hourthe crazy sounds arisestanding on the edge a delight for the senseswhen all are gonewe have stayedin the endless desertgood and evil at the same timefor us it is true always to nail downwhen everyone can have it we do not want it»
Kinzua are Lucas Brell and Marvin Uhde (known as Qnete to some), great live band. “None Of The Above” is their debut album. Powerfully introvert and extrovert at the same time. Songs of glory, decay, rebuilding and hope that found Offen at the right moment. Many moons later the album withstood the test of time and can be enjoyed in its whole glory.Written & produced in different spheres by Lucas Brell & Marvin Uhde at CSG Studios, Leipzig and M90 Remise, Berlin.Voice on „The Dancing Snake“ by Giulia Fournier-Mercadante (Gigi FM) with words from „Les Fleurs de Mal“ by Charles BeaudelaireMastered by VRILArtwork by Himbeer PepeSleeve by Percy
First record of the Serialism Records 15 Years anniversary series come from Loquace.Eternal Sunset is the third instalment on the label, by the French artist.His signature grooves and melodies travel between elegant club-oriented Deep House to Breakbeats. The entire ep is a killer on the dance floor and catches the eye on the shelves with the usual full-sleeve artwork by Brazilian visual artist Fernanda Mattos. A must have.
Prolific 90's house maestro Maurizio Verbeni strikes again on Digging Deeper . After stellar past releases on UMM , MBG Records , Discomagic , UMD amongst others his rare and original release on Trancebeat from 1992 with his aka PDQ gets a full re-issue and remaster. Not everybody understand house music
Dear listener,On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the release of 'Ambient7 - Excepts from 1995-2000' compilation. Ambient7 was a threesome out of Japan that included Chica Asamoto, Masayuki Momo and Shuichi Ikebuchi. Chica Asamoto, an accomplished saxophone player while Masayuki Momo and Shuichi Ikebuchi both talented synthesizer players and producers in their own right. Together, they released 3 full albums during a 6 year span from 1995-2000. Ambient7's sound was a blend of chill out styles including ambient, techno, balearic house and everything inbetween. A unique and heartfelt far east version of chill out music going on at the time like what you would have heard on Waveform Records, Silent, Quango and many beloved other labels. While it was hard to pick out just one EP's worth of tracks from 3 full length cd's, we felt these that were chosen is a great collection and examples to fit the vinylmedium. Also, that this record could be equally appreciated in the hands of chill out aficionado's, music collectors or brave and ecclectic DJ's. Those 3 customer bases are always on our minds to make happy here at re:discovery records. The track 'Escape' covers most of the A-side. A soft ambient techno track with a touch of dub that is sure to sit along the greats of genre and the time. Surrounding 'Escape', are two short but worthy examples of the Ambient7 sound. First, is the unique tribal attention getter that is 'Prologue' then ending with the beautiful balearic saxophone serenade that is 'Epilogue'. The b-side might throw you for a loop after hearing the first side. 'Deep Sea' comes in just under 11 minutes that has to be heard to understand what is harder to explain. The balancing of mood is particularly interesting. How something can be so hauntingly relaxing yet can evolve into something so ominous and mysterious had to make this EP collection. We wont say much more. Check it out and make up your own mind. Turn up the volume, close your eyes and enjoy the trip! Lastly, is the balaeric ambient house lullaby that is 'Orange Sunshine'. Some who have heard this track call it a reason to buy the record alone for not even hearing the other tracks on this EP. A standout and a perfect set opener or closer, this is sure to be the re:discovery track for the summer for records wants to thank the Ambient7 members: Chica Asamoto, Masayuki Momo & Shuichi Ikebuchi for being great to work with and allowing us to highlight some of their amazing music. It is our hope that these will influence them to make future music together after a 20 year absence and that others will seek out the rest of their works from this period. It is also our hope that these bring you as much happiness as they have brought us and that this release gives them new life to a new audience and a special fond memory to those that knew them. Dare to Dream!Ambient7 - Excepts From 1995-2000
oooooooo initiates new connections between producers by providing a place to share knowlegde and explore realms of creativity, freed from any boundaries. Daniel[i] & Rambadu invite people to express their own form of symbiosis and start the growth of a family tree. The first release is produced by the 2 founders, expressing a 13min long meditative piece. Music written and produced by Daniel Danieli and Paul Roeleveld.Vinyl with variable cover artworks, stickered with Suminagashi on hemp paper.Pressed on black transparent marble. Single-sided.