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Anatolian Weapons
Into The Void

Into The Void
Into The VoidInto The Void




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Oct 5, 2022

People & Places present their inaugural EP from Anthens’ Anatolian Weapons. Throughout the 4 tracks, we are immersed in a sonic exploration of trancey-inspired techno cuts.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Higher Planes


Into The Void





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Second release from the Italian label 616 Lab. (616 LAB #02) 4 purely analog tracks written and produced in 2020 by the Sicilian artist 616.
“snapout”, a Tokyo-based party crew of DJs and Producers, will launch a record label in early 2022.“snapout” members include veteran DJ yama', who has been DJing since 1998, Takashi Himeoka, who has been making tracks since 2014 and has released on “Phreak” and “Cabaret Recordings” labels, Hisashi, who has played at several regular parties in Tokyo and contributed a track to “How High” label at the end of 2021, and Riku Sugimoto.For the first single, Riku Sugimoto has created three tracks based on the atmosphere of “snapout”, adopt the essence of Detroit/Dutch techno and Chicago/UK house from the early 90s and early 00s.
The Italian producer and founder of the Berlin-based label "Sonic Interface Records" has long been influenced by many subgenres of dance music; from electro to techno-acid music before combining them in his pioneering first ep . "Sonic001'' which sees Michael Space gravitating towards a different kind of electronic music, driven as much (or more) by analog sequencers, marked vocals, melodies and experimental sounds between space bass lines and acid sounds of the most common bassline 303 synthesizer, as by drums and percussion. Beyond the ego EP001 guides the listener through a hypnotic terrain: the four tracks fully represent the different phases of an ideal dj set.This broad approach translates into sounds that are difficult to define, and that lend themselves to multiple listeners.A futuristic Techno that can surprise you with sound sensations never heard before!!Artwork by Desidus crew.
This record is a momentous occasion for me as it is the first release that I have signed from a member of my production tutorial website. This is something I was quietly hoping would come to pass when I started the project but I never knew if it would actually happen. Liebus was sending me tracks to critique as part of a feature on the site and after a batch of them came in that I not only didn’t have any critique for but actually I wanted to ask him how he made them instead, I knew I was onto a winner.I can’t quite believe this is his first release as the tracks sound so mature and incredibly produced but I was never going to think twice about putting them out.All five tracks are subby, drummy, mind bending workouts from start to finish. Proper cavernous vibes with a dose of potentially too strong an LSD trip mixed in for good measure.Not for the faint hearted...OK enough of my blather. Go and listen to the damn things yourself and decide if you like them, rather than trying to work it out from reading a bloody press release you weirdos.All four tracks are produced and sculpted for the club. They want big sound systems and dark rooms.Close your eyes, hold hands and experience transcendental space flight...
Firing up the next heat on the prolific Partisan imprint is rising Outcast Torino affiliate, Emanuele Montalto. The “Soundboy” EP sees the innovative Italian showcase a series of animated and spaced out productions containing a certain direct energy the label associates itself with. This club room approved outing from Montalto sits comfortably on the staple outfit that Partisan has become in recent years, with Anthea continuing to build her go to label for stellar underground sounds.