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Sizipin EP

Sizipin EP






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 23, 2022

After debuting on Flippen Disks in 2018 and a follow-up track on Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section, PTDD is back on Flippen Disks with this debut solo-EP called „Sizipin“.

Melting PTDD’s signature minimalist sound with a welcoming harmonic world in Hoe Je Het Snijdt, taking a wide array of influences from UK-bass and broken beat in Sizipin to HipHop in N Btj Blvn Dnsn or more progressive club sounds in Kajuit, this EP is a clear big step in PTDD’s development as a producer. 

„Sizipin“, a made-up term for an adaptor that you don’t know the use for anymore, it’s a rather fitting name considering the circumstances of the creation go this EP. A connector for quitting his day-job to focus fully on audio and music work, building his studio in deep pandemic lockdown-Utrecht and most importantly becoming a father. Also features a vocal performance of PTDD’s son Olivier. Can you find it?

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Hoe Je Het Snijdt




N btj blvn dnsn


Kajuit (Glorious)


btj blvn dnsn (MSJY & Premis Remix)

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