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Sep 23, 2022

“Stair-X” is the first solo 12" EP from Berlin up-and-comer “Jotel California.”

“Stair-X” is the first solo 12" EP from Berlin up-and-comer “Jotel California.” Fusing classic breaks, watery textures and electro tropes in an exciting blend, this none/such release represents a compelling and unique concoction, resulting in a forward-thinking exploration of Electro’s timeless sounds. Three solo tracks, utilizing both machines and voice, are paired and rounded-off with an ethereal, club-ready stomper from Seattle-to-Berlin producer JCow, suggesting that “Stair-X” is a must have for veterans and beginners alike.

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Sep 23, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Owl Hood


If These Faces Could Stop Melting


If These Faces Could Stop Melting (JCow Remix)

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Over the past year or so I have watched as the releases on Holding Hands got more and more intense. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. Intense and straight to the face was always the plan for the label. At the same time I do have slightly more varied taste and I had been getting sent a decent amount of incredible music that didn’t quite fit on the original outlet. My first love when it comes to electronic music is dark, eyes down, bass heavy and so it seemed like now was the perfect time to create a label with a slightly deeper angle to accommodate this sort of thing.
This December, 2020 offers us a gift in the form of ‘The Inner Space’ LP from Moscow based artist, designer, DJ, music producer and live performer, Finetune known for his affiliation with the Slowdance label and event organisation.The LP will be spread across vinyl, and digital (free download on the Finetune Bandcamp) in two parts. An immerseful experience that not only strains the boundaries of sound, but also visually as real name Michael Dop fuses his eclectic talents with sound and art accompanying the album by creating the full visual concept.The Finetune project was initiated in 2018, creating poetry via his modular and fm synthesizers, upright piano, sampers, gong, drum machines, groove boxes, and different percussion instruments, all being utilised here across “The Inner Space” release.
A culmination of paranoia emerges as we lose the human dimension of the city. Glitteringcanals shape the light in our eyes as we pass by, guiding our spirits safely home as thesounds slowly fade away into night sky. It’s not our time to go although the balancing actslowly becomes more extravagant and abstract until we find another way to stand on onetoe. Piecing together all the perplexations, realization that all the shit that you have chattedfloat down the ether stream to Timbuktu never to be seen again, and the lion at the enddribbles and spits, waiting for words of shite to come walking his way so him and hislioness can slowly butcher every last note, until just dust is left.
Orthogonal Eigenstates is the title of the new full-length album by Quantum Collapse aka Eduardo de La Calle where the author definitively moves away from dance music and starts a new period of exploration strongly influenced by the English Glicht IDM trends from early 90's and styles that goes from Soundtrack to Experimental Jazz ,Cinematic Electronica or Abstract Hiphop
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