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Hard Fax
Hard FaxHard Fax




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

The Business is a brand-new subsidiary of Tech Startup LLC.

The Business is a brand-new subsidiary of Tech Startup LLC.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Droideka (LT's Galactic Expo Mix)


Droideka (HR's Swamp Fever)

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Bloop Recordings run by Magazino and Cruz from Lisbon celebrates its 25th release with a 2x12" Album. 8 dancefloor ready tracks, that'll fit all kinds of situations in the modern electronic dance scene. The A/B side is with artists from all around Europe. The C/D is with strictly Portuguese producers.
Next V/A on OHM Series!
Some 20 years on from its initial release, it's amazing how fresh and current 'Praise' by Leigh Dickson sounds, every bit as reinvigorating as a swim in an icy mountain stream. Sushitech imprint Pariter have opted to remaster the lush original mix in its full glory, adding the already well known and much loved Baby Ford Heavenly Circuit remix alongside a new, unreleased 'alternative remix' and new mixes by Pariter's own Ogerman and Derek Carr. All four sides are eminently playable in the deep house/techno framework, as you'd imagine, with varying levels of the original's bewitching instrumentation retained.
Joining club-focused percussion, dubbed out landscapes and serious sub pressure. Limited pressing!
Belgian Thomas Blanckaert aka Innershades debuts in Cartulis with what could be his strongest work to date. 5 tracks representing his best shades of Techno/Electro.On the A side you will find Deviation. A instant classic with special participation from Mutado Pintado on the vocals. Electro Emotions keeps the rawness of classic electro while injecting groove to the dancefloor with a touch of nostalgia.Flip the record and you will find Heaven on Earth. Rolling techno with class synths. B2 The Acid Never Dies comes in original Innershades formula. Powerful kicks with uplifting chords and pads while the acid stimulates the brain. The Last Day closes the EP with literally a "closing" feeling.