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The AM



The AM




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 21, 2022



Empathy is the codeword when it comes to The AM's second solo EP: The 'Sexworker' EP. A short story through music and art, allowing you a moment to walk a mile in another seasoned professional's shoes... Imagine life through her eyes, her thoughts, her feelings, her actions and motivations as her work takes her from flirty fun to a much more severe and fierce role as a vigilante, fighting for justice and retribution for women who've been abused and wronged. As the EP progresses, the further we're plunged into this dark nocturnal world of carnal chaos, deceit and danger. Sat in a not-so distant neon tomorrow, downtown Detroit, this is the vivid concept and narrative conjured by Detroit native, violinist-turned-techno artist The AM (Ann-Marie Teasley) Sliding into our collections since her debut tracks last year as one half of HLX-1, 2022 has been all about The AM solo releases; in March we had 'Black Majik' on Tresor. Now on Deeptrax 'Sexworker' is another revelation from the agenda-setting artist who's crafted a completely immersive narrative that ranges from the playful electro beats of 'Intercosmic Lap Dance' to the runaway juggernaut 'Black Galaxy' (a collaboration with Scan 7's Track Masta Lou). Each track adding layers of tension and intrigue, cutting through the late night sleaze and exploitation with raw machine soul, 'Sexworker' is steeped in detail... But loaded with enough space for your imagination. Fronted by a stark futuristic city artwork, 'Sexworker' takes place in The AM's stomping ground but could just as easily happen anywhere in the world... Amsterdam, London and right now, our speakers. This bumps in an exciting yet timeless way. It's AM 24/7 right now.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Intercosmic Lap Dance


Let Me Be Lonely


Sex Worker


Black Galaxy (FT. Scan 7)

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