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Various Artists
Various Artist 01

Various Artist 01






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Oct 14, 2022

Whenever you think you've seen it all, SNC Recs comes round the corner with a brand new banger.

Whenever you think you've seen it all, SNC Recs comes round the corner with a brand new banger. Drum roll please for SNC007, shaken not stirred - the first Various Artists EP of the Ingolstadt based record label.

Fresh approach - with well known favorites. All artists on the EP have released solo or split EPs on SNC already. So you can look forward to The Duty Freedom, Raphael Schön, Maurice Paloni and Salomo. SNC 007 will make you shed a tear on the dancefloor with a late summer acid anthem from The Duty Freedom on the one hand, and on the other hand wrap you in a cozy blanket knitted from Salomo’s legendary soundscapes. However, the record not only creates romantic feelings, but also delivers breaky and trancey vibes by the Bavarian based producers Raphael Schön and Maurice Paloni, where you certainly won’t be able to stay still. What else could you ask for?

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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The Duty Freedom - No Belief


Raphael Schoen - Wait 4 Me


Salomo - Belt The Melt


Maurice Paloni - Untitled_34

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DJ Dex aka Nomadico of Underground Resistance is nearly out of time. So the Replicante is here to get more life... fucker!!! Dame más vida... Qiero más vida!!! There's no time to warm up or over think it... just feel the groove, move and you'll get there. The Off World is here, not in L2 orbit hiding behind the earth. This is the funky dark place that rumbles your dancefloor. His mentor Gaff has something to say about getting more life but he needs to slow down and disappear into the bass. Always on the move, spinning over skyscrapers and rising vertically into the clouds, the Spinner Theme is thumping and sets the mood just right.
Australian musician, composer and producer Ex Ponto aka Ivan Mašić has self-released dozens of albums with improvisation collective, Council of Elders, and experimental no-wave band, Wunderlust.For his Offen Music debut Ex Ponto is constructing an alternative civilization of grace, post-sarcasm and intuitive response.„In A Quarry...Far, Far Away“ is a 15 minutes long wandering with Joseph and August Norster around The Quarry, Beech Forest, Victoria, Australia, January 27, 2020.Life affirming „Golden Hours“ is an alternative to the general wait for extinction and completition of a suicide program out there. An ode to the moments when sunlight turns magical.„Shed 14“ is a personal reminiscence of the legendary club in Melbourne.
After a first succesful release, Lyon based crew YA.R is back with their second release that brings you a different vibe, darker, more energic that leads toward the deep hours of the night.Aladdin starts with the brighter track, a light track, which will bring you a silly smile and which borders on derision with samples of phone commercials, riffs of old school Trance and acid lines.Funktroid take the A side a step further into the Trance flavour, this one will hit the dancefloor just the right way it has to be done, big acid lines that will melt your face down and airy pads that will raise your conscience into a higher state.The B side welcomes our guest Obsidian, a project started by 3 talented space explorer. As you can hear their music comes directly from the year 2123, they will take you on an interstellar journey with their spaceship moving at speedlight with no feel of disturbances.Then we have our local heroes Sela & Zgelt who invites you to share their mystical beverages so that you can land gently from this journey while contemplating the stars and the interstellar void.
This is the very first and only single artist EP from Tone DropOut. This EP is the work of TDO co -owner DAWL. DAWL has put together four big dance floor electro bangers , that we felt should not be separated.Each track shows off DAWL's skill, knowledge and love of electro, anyone who loves new and old school electro will love this. We have the big bass lines, the beautiful big deep synths and pads, bleeps and buzzes and that classic electro beat, and topped off with some cheeky sampled voices.The title Track -Total Annihilation kicks off with its strong electro breakbeat and popping bleeps, going in and out, then comes the big fuzzy bassline and cinematic strings swooping through the track moving all the time, will get any dance floor going.Track 2 infiltrator has those great claps over the electro beat before we get the busy bassline and the bleeps and buzzes and that driving synth, constantly moving .Track 3 is Kaotik and that exactly what it is with its wobbly bleeps and whistles and pumped actioned bobbly bassline true electro.Track 4 the final track on EP as strong as the others with its basslines and bleeps and strings and synths caps off this EP nicely.Another Tone DropOut four track banger, all tracks ready for the dancefloor.
Scissor Kick delivers careful introspection, experimentation, and rich conceptual development. The beatless interludes and expansive sound worlds that stuck out their heads on earlier releases are embraced in full here. It’s claustrophobic, but space is found in the right areas; tension and release to the nth degree, never becoming a trope. Percussion remains, but slowed to a crawl.