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The World I Want Would Be Celestial, Wet

The World I Want Would Be Celestial, Wet








2x Vinyl LP Album Compilation Limited Edition Gatefold



Release date

Sep 15, 2022

A glass half-full. The World I Want Would Be Celestial, Wet is the first full-length release from record label, Absorb. The eagerly awaited compilation features acclaimed and lesser-known artists, presenting thirteen works made between 2020 and 2021. Classical re-presentations, squealing electronics and other "wait-for-it" moments are pieced together by label head, Kavil and the ethereal work of painter, Matthew Asling. The result is something windy and heady. A feeling that is drifting. Crucially, the double LP serves as a timestamp of a very special chapter of contemporary experimental music being made in Naarm (Melbourne) and its surrounds. Taken in, soaked up, gleaming.

Available Tomorrow

Sep 12, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Lily Tait - Twinkling Flute Of The Mind



J - In Swirling Clouds Of Silver Lace



Third Space - Granite Island



Chloe Sobek - Oumuamua 2: Deimos



Abby Sundborn - Seams



E Fishpool - I Don't Hate You



DBR - Monumentality



Nick Ashwood - Stravaig



Makinist - Unopened



Bridget Chappell - And When You Reach The Plains After Crossing The Mountains



Claudia Sin - Panic



Lilly Kane - Love Song (with Chi)



Cypha - Mist Music


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We are glad to welcome the Italian veteran A.T. aka Ivan Iacobucci in our crew!This 3 tracker EP is a journey into the deep and hypnotic side of House and Techno.“Overseas” is a gritty jam for the dancefloor, while on B side two versions of “Bluephonic” explore a more atmospheric, trippy but yet groovy sound.
Vargmal Records is an independent record label and multidisciplinary platform founded by Gent Gjonbalaj. Operating from Prishtina, Kosovo, the imprint publishes hypnotic compositions of various forms, exploring the realms of electronic music and beyond. The label's debut release marks the birth of an initiative started several years ago, reflecting on a process of growth, research and refinement.Conceived as a foundation record, the 'Classics' EP demonstrates Vargmal's concept and overall spirit. The Italian pioneer Leo Anibaldi inaugurates the label featuring two cuts on the A-side, originally produced in the early 1990s--'Muta 5' and an as yet unheard version of 'Endurance 4'--replete with Anibaldi's signature sound programming and high-octane output. On the flip, the torch is passed to another Italian master, Donato Dozzy, who takes them to another level with his peculiar and precise remix treatment. Where Anibaldi paves the way for a possible future, Dozzy applies a modern touch to the same fundamental approach--a balancing act that shows a spectrum within the conceptual framework from two different points in the continuum, transcending any individual style or place in time.Selected by their ability to extract the full potentiality of the sound, the tracks on this release reflect a minimalist approach that is inherently resourceful and discerning, whilst maximizing effect and impact. The efficiency of the sound can be heard in the stripped-back elements, practical arrangement and execution of the creative idea. 'Muta 5' opens the EP, a throbbing mass of pressure cooker action, continuously building tension with rippling percussion lines and syncopated beats. Ahead of its time in 1993, 'Muta 5' has a raw, driving energy and commanding authority. Dozzy reworks it into a tighter, linear forma--whilst retaining the angst of the original, he applies new synth motifs and notches the speed down for extra poise. 'Endurance 4' (Version II) is a tribal workout with hallmarks of the classic Italian deep techno sound. With arching drones, chugging rhythms and dramatic narratives, 'Endurance 4' presents an idiosyncratic style and emotive character which later became the model for this sound. Dozzy's hypnotic faculty shines through on the remix, a polished re-run that elaborates on the ominous melodic theme, and lifts the sound majestically to a gliding altitude--marking the end of this record and the beginning of Vargmal's journey.
Sweat Ur Prayers, the next wavy addition to Radiant Love’s catalogue, is the first solo-EP of Byron Yeates. In their messaging, their timbres and grooves, the 4 tracks speak faithfully to Yeates’ inclinations as a DJ and label-head: the playfulness and buoyancy, a constant nod to the roots of rave, and a faith in dance music’s transformative power.Opening the release is the title track, a bubbling and breakbeat-laden 8 minutes. Mantric repetition is a running theme throughout the EP, and we hear “Raindrops falling all around, freeing me from other sounds; trickling down my weary eyes, bringing me back, I’m ready to fly” as an opening salvo. Yeates’ is known for his vast, enduring DJ sets, inducing sheens of sweat from all involved – with these tracks, it’s clear he’s unafraid to take his time to build tension as a producer as well. The percussive conversation between hi-hat and snare complexifies until a clap enters near the 2 minute mark and suddenly we’re in the main, driving groove.“Waves” is a dial-back to downtempo, floatation and introspection. The dancer and writer Gabrielle Roth is sampled, speaking on her 5 Rhythms movement meditation technique – the term “sweat your prayers” comes from her texts on ecstatic physicality. The track shimmers and sways in bright pads and delayed-out drum breaks, setting the reflective tone for “Dreaming is Essential”, co-produced by Eoin DJ. Opening with Radiant Love co-founder Ruin, her candid vocals are perfectly aligned for the dancefloor’s vulnerability: “What am I avoiding? I wish I could hold myself, like the dance holds me.” The track unfolds through layers of percussion and shadowy texture, taking a pivot to optimism halfway through, as a warm synth-line accompanies Ruin’s repetition: “Dreaming is essential.”Lawrence Lee’s remix of “Sweat Ur Prayers” adapts the bounce of the original’s bassline to a classic, stabby rave synth. Again there is a percussive focus, but force and warmth are foregrounded, rather than polyrhythm – a shot, rather than a spritz. We hear again the opening mantra, and although “I’m ready to fly” may seem in opposition to Ruin’s “Let the dance hold me”, Sweat Ur Prayers seems to say they are one in the same movement.
Whilst his debut release on Accessory Records (AR001) is still refreshing parts other releases cannot reach Miles Mercer is not waiting around. Back with a second EP once again full of underground rawness it’s yet another fine showing for this promising label.
Dear listener,On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the release of 'Ambient7 - Excepts from 1995-2000' compilation. Ambient7 was a threesome out of Japan that included Chica Asamoto, Masayuki Momo and Shuichi Ikebuchi. Chica Asamoto, an accomplished saxophone player while Masayuki Momo and Shuichi Ikebuchi both talented synthesizer players and producers in their own right. Together, they released 3 full albums during a 6 year span from 1995-2000. Ambient7's sound was a blend of chill out styles including ambient, techno, balearic house and everything inbetween. A unique and heartfelt far east version of chill out music going on at the time like what you would have heard on Waveform Records, Silent, Quango and many beloved other labels. While it was hard to pick out just one EP's worth of tracks from 3 full length cd's, we felt these that were chosen is a great collection and examples to fit the vinylmedium. Also, that this record could be equally appreciated in the hands of chill out aficionado's, music collectors or brave and ecclectic DJ's. Those 3 customer bases are always on our minds to make happy here at re:discovery records. The track 'Escape' covers most of the A-side. A soft ambient techno track with a touch of dub that is sure to sit along the greats of genre and the time. Surrounding 'Escape', are two short but worthy examples of the Ambient7 sound. First, is the unique tribal attention getter that is 'Prologue' then ending with the beautiful balearic saxophone serenade that is 'Epilogue'. The b-side might throw you for a loop after hearing the first side. 'Deep Sea' comes in just under 11 minutes that has to be heard to understand what is harder to explain. The balancing of mood is particularly interesting. How something can be so hauntingly relaxing yet can evolve into something so ominous and mysterious had to make this EP collection. We wont say much more. Check it out and make up your own mind. Turn up the volume, close your eyes and enjoy the trip! Lastly, is the balaeric ambient house lullaby that is 'Orange Sunshine'. Some who have heard this track call it a reason to buy the record alone for not even hearing the other tracks on this EP. A standout and a perfect set opener or closer, this is sure to be the re:discovery track for the summer for records wants to thank the Ambient7 members: Chica Asamoto, Masayuki Momo & Shuichi Ikebuchi for being great to work with and allowing us to highlight some of their amazing music. It is our hope that these will influence them to make future music together after a 20 year absence and that others will seek out the rest of their works from this period. It is also our hope that these bring you as much happiness as they have brought us and that this release gives them new life to a new audience and a special fond memory to those that knew them. Dare to Dream!Ambient7 - Excepts From 1995-2000
There isn’t much to go on other than the soundscapes when it comes to Civilistjävel! What is rumoured to be a figment of the pre-internet era tapping into a similar consciousness as Biosphere, Chain Reaction or early Fax +49-69/450464 is ultimately left up to second guessing. For the average listener crossing paths with the project, a steady run of small-run, minimally packaged LPs has cemented Civilistjävel! as a leading force in the dub techno/glacial drone scene of present.However niche that may sound, this collection of tracks for Perko’s new FELT imprint navigates the same territories as the previous outings but with the folkloric tag “Iron Night” to help guide our ears. A Swedish expression for long nights of frost that damage plants and crops, the spectral and foreboding atmosphere of the opening cut already hints at the direction of the album. Combining dense ambient synth layers with hard to place industrial motifs (sometimes in rhythm, sometimes chaotically arranged are what Civilistjävel! does best, indeed Järnnätter unfolds as a piece of work you can really spend time with. At points it feels as if the machines in some old factory complex have spluttered back to life through some unknown force and have begun to sing to one another. Other times the atmosphere is akin to a hydrophone placed deep into an ice-covered lake and the synthetic pulses of ‘A2’ are the only vaguely human touch. However, the sparse melodic flourishes across the record stem from an interest in psalms and early Swedish folk music, the juxtaposition of machine-led intuition and personable studiousness adding a hidden depth to the album.If the collectability of previous Civilistjävel! outings are anything to go by, we encourage you to act fast!Artwork by Rebecka Holmström.

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