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Radioactive Man
Sonicus Croniclus Vol 2

Sonicus Croniclus Vol 2




1x Vinyl 10" EP Stereo



Release date

Dec 21, 2022



Lord of Dem Tings is a tribute to the late great Lee Scratch Perry and theres a nod to him on the sticker for this one.

My Idea with these series of 10” records was to do 5 in around a year to 18 months. This got scuppered by the situation at world pressing plants with the extreme wait for records.

The tracks are all taken from my live set which I’ve been doing over the last few years which has taken in some huge gigs and festivals including Houghton, Dimensions, Ion and extensive club gigs too.

All of them have the dance floor funk and the artwork is from long term design partner Lung.

The vibe on these is rolled plasticine using a different coloured vinyl each time. So making the series quite collectable too.

Lord of Dem Tings is a tribute to the late great Lee Scratch Perry and theres a nod to him on the sticker for this one.

Rubber Dub is a nod to my most excellent distributor and friends at the Glasgow record and music gear shop Rubadub!!! :)

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Lord Of Dem Tings


Rubber Dub

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Very limited Facta belter! 300 units, hand-stamped.