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Sofie Birch





1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Nov 3, 2022

Through Danish label Intercourse, Sofie Birch channels an album of inhabitant sound. A series of cuts that are dominant to a space, but still pregnant with non-invasive gentle care. Like a piece of ghost furniture suspended as an umbilical sphere around the stereo image. Although tiny eruptions of hysterical euphoria do occur, this is an album to soothe, gently turn winds, deepen your perspective on the language you convey, breathe with muscular stretch, to focus energy on that focal point in the middle of your personal perception. Our local sun behind closed eyelids in shimmering orange pink and white. A central focus in the channeling of the intercourse is what sonically resembles this perceptive tranquility.

New-Age therapists rejoice, your soundtrack is at hand.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Observatory (feat. Nana Pi)


Surface Pan (feat. A. Fabrin)


Hypnogogia (feat. Dolphin Midwives)


Humidity (feat. Nana Pi)


Tide Rose




Hallu (feat. _iC_iC_)


The Sun XiX

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